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In this article, we are going to give a complete description of the egg chair

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In this article, we are going to give a complete description of the egg chair, but before you start, you need to know more about Arn Jacobsen. Arn Jacobsen is a Danish architect. In the mid-1950s, the Scandinavian Air System (SAS) used his help to design the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

Using polyurethane foam, Jacobsen designed an unusual cocoon-shaped shape. This seat allowed jet guests to rotate and adjust the seat tilt.

The floor of this chair is very light. The total weight of the chair is about 17 pounds. One of the most significant advantages of this type of egg chair is that the hotel cleaning staff can quickly move it.

Upholstery and material affect the final price of the egg chair, but generally, a standard model starts at around $ 7,000. This type of chair easily adapts to any decoration. But in the living room and minimalist and artistic interior decoration has a unique effect.

It may seem not easy at first glance to figure out how to design an egg chair.

The curved interior of the egg chair is like a cradle, and you can not see its attractive appearance in any other type of chair. This unique chair was first made in the 1960s and is now being added to the production of this chair day by day.

Perhaps the primary purpose of designing this type of chair is to create privacy in a public space. Similar styles of egg chair are ball chair and bubble chair. But the shape and general design of these chairs are different.

The egg chair was first seen at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen but has since been seen in other important locations.

It is interesting to know that egg seats have recently been used for the second terminal of San Francisco Airport.

What are the types of egg chairs?

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Today we see all kinds of egg chairs in stores. Oval chairs can be classified into several different categories:

Office Egg Chairs

Are you planning to use egg chairs for your work and office environment? If you have such a decision, you should know that the egg chair is versatile, and the classic egg office chair is one of the best options for your workplace.

Many manufacturers are looking to produce office egg chairs. But one of the best options for developers is GDF Studio because they offer a curved design that rests on a solid base. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

You need to know that these chairs have excellent backs, and the handles are designed in such a way that it will not be an obstacle for you to rest and work. Egg office chairs are a good cushion and are covered with quality fabric for more comfort.

Hanging egg chairs

As you can see, the egg chairs are attached to the ceiling with a chain. Hanging egg chairs have a cushion inside that is usually made of different materials. Many people love the bohemian style, which is why they use the oval wicker chair for their home or outdoor space. Some people also prefer the plastic exterior of the egg chair.

Egg chair

This type of egg chair is more straightforward and has a cushion, and is more suitable for the home environment and interior decoration. The seat is mounted on a fixed base, and a hydraulic lever is installed at the bottom of the seat to adjust its height.

With the ability to move and rotate the chair to the sides, this chair has become one of the best chairs for everyday use at home.

Fortunately, this chair is available in various colours in the market, and the most popular and beautiful type are the chairs that are covered with leather.

Ovalia Egg Chair

Do you know when these types of chairs became famous? After appearing in the movie Men in Black, these types of chairs became very popular. The variety in egg chair design is unparalleled. Ten years after Arn Jacobsen developed and marketed the original egg chair, the Ovalia Egg Chair production began.

This chair is very similar to the egg among all the egg chairs we have introduced to you so far.

Egg chair for outdoor

If you also love rocking egg chairs, be sure to buy one of the egg chairs suitable for outdoor patios or backyards by the pool. These chairs are always trendy, and their attractiveness does not diminish. These hanging chairs have unique bases.

The important thing is that you can place the chair anywhere without the need to hang from the ceiling and enjoy sitting on it.

The body of the chair is made of metal and is artistically designed with a comfortable cushion. This comfortable chair is a very desirable option for your outdoor decoration.

Egg chair swan model

This type of chair, which is called the swan egg chair, is very comfortable. Initially, this type of chair was made for the Radisson Hotel, and today we see a number of them in the market. The price of this type of chair is $ 75,000. The swan model is still in production. The swan's egg chair is made of a quality steel frame and fabric cover.

Are you looking for a comfortable and classic chair design?

Most oval chairs give you the feeling of being in a cradle and are very comfortable and soft. The design methods of this type of chairs are exactly in line with the design process of modern chairs and, most importantly, are compatible with a variety of interior decorations. In addition to the tips, this chair is also very suitable for outdoor and office environments.

How to use an egg chair in your home decoration?

As a common decoration in the 1960s, you can place an egg chair in the corner of your living room next to a table and place a standing lampshade next to it and sit on it and study.

To create more harmony in your home decoration, you can use similar egg chairs for the living room and behind the kitchen counter.

If you are looking to redesign your office or home office space, do not forget to buy an egg chair because it is suitable for both environments - these chairs are reminiscent of 1960s décor and remind you of the memories of that time.

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